Omnifocus Clip-O-Tron and Mail [Mac]

It is a great feeling when you finally implement that last shortcut or rule and your productivity system steps up a notch. 

Like many busy mac users I love using Omnifocus and particularly the quick entry window. Where the system breaks down is adding Mail emails to Omnifocus. 

Although what I'm sharing here isn't new I hope that it is a little more visual than the Omnifocus help page and therefore might be useful to somebody. 

First install the Omnifocus Clip-O-Tron which you can get here.

Now let's setup the shortcut.

Go to Omnifocus > Preferences... 

The general tab should appear. Now select the "Set Shortcut.." button under the Capture heading.

Home straight, make sure to select "Services" in the left pane and the scroll down the list till you see the "Text" and then look for "OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox" under this heading. 

Keyboard Services shortcut

Cool, so just to the right of that you will ether see "none" or a shortcut command. In my case it is ⌃⌥⌘Space but you can make it whatever you like. 

You can now close this window and go to mail. Once you have a email selected you can use your new shortcut to send it to Omnifocus. 

Happy Clipping!