Easily open CSV files in Microsoft Excel using File Juggler [Windows]

A regular part of a financial role  is downloading bank transaction data. These are normally csv files.

Opening these in Excel requires one to first navigate to the location and also ensure that all files are visible. A whole lot of clicks! Or a little simpler, right click..., Open with..., Excel.

To automate this I have added the following FileJuggler Rule to look for and open these automatically.

As you can see, our banks default name for csv files is TransactionHistory, which is the name I gave for the folder I download these to. 

The first step after File Juggler notices the file is to rename it. This prevents the file from triggering the rule again and again.

The last bit is a run command. There are two parts to this: the program I want to open and the file I want to open. 

I wasn't sure how to do it first but I got some help from Sun W Kim on Super Users.

So in my case the run command ended up being:

"C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office\Microsoft Excel 2010.lnk" "G:\TransactionHistory\TransNew.csv"

Basically: "program location" "file location"