Favourite cocktail: Gimlet

Photo by Dean Webber

Inspired by an Apartment Therapy blog post to "Be your own butler" which suggests that you should learn to make your favorite cocktail in order to pretend you have just arrived at your country estate and Alfred has already brought you: "The usual drink Sir". I offer up my favorite cocktail.

It is called a Gimlet. I love the sour-sweet freshness of this drink. To make it I use:

2 oz gin (although you can use vodka)

1 lime cut into quarters

1 oz of Roses Lime juice (2 Oz if you don't have fresh limes)

Couple of Ice cubes

1/4 oz Cane Sugar Syrup (just to sweeten it a little but leave this out if you find it too sweet)

Bang it together in a cocktail shaker.

Give it a little shake and strain into a chilled martini glass.

Garnish with a slice of lime.


Doing research for this post I found some interesting info on the wikipedia page, including:

  • That the drink was a result of sailor having to consume citrus to prevent scurvy
  • And a recipy to make a whole batch which you can keep it in the fridge - think summer parties (little hard given that I live in wintery Melbourne).